Capture, organize, and collaborate effortlessly.

Capture and organize your ideas effortlessly with colorful sticky notes. Collaborate in real-time and integrate seamlessly with your favorite tools.

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Effortless Note-taking

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What's up?


What's up?

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Boost YourProductivity

Discover our sticky notes app, designed for effortless capture, organization, and collaboration. Enjoy unlimited space, colorful notes, multiple boards, and real-time teamwork. Boost your productivity with our innovative app.

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Powerful Features forSeamless Collaboration

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Infinite Canvas

Expand your workspace with our infinite canvas, giving you endless room to jot down your thoughts and ideas. Organize your notes freely without any limitations.

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Colorful Notes

Personalize your notes with a vibrant array of colors. Highlight important tasks, categorize projects, and make your notes visually engaging and easy to manage.

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Images and Attachments

Enhance your notes by adding images and attachments. Provide extra clarity and detail, keeping all related information in one convenient place.

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Web Integration

Stick notes directly onto websites for easy reference and organization of web content. Boost your productivity by keeping important information at your fingertips.

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Advanced Search

Quickly find your notes by searching by color, website, or attachments. Streamline your workflow and save time.


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Powerful Features forSeamless Collaboration

Dive into productivity with our easy-to-use sticky notes app. Sign up, explore the intuitive dashboard, and start organizing your ideas and projects in minutes. Simplify your workflow and boost efficiency effortlessly.